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Welcome to the Venner Guild website. This website was specially made for you Venner Guild memebers to offer you a helpfull information soruce to guide you through your game experience as well as helping you to understand the game better and making you an exeptional player and guild pride.

In this website you will be able to find many tools for you to use and help you develop your Runes of Magic game knowledge through comprehensive guides on the most frequent asked questions as well as infrmation about anythin in the game, from basic things to advanced end-game, also as a tool to help us as a aguild to develop ways of comunication and organisation, so together we can build a strong guild.
In order for you to get full access to this website and all its content, you need to sign in if you already have an account, if not go in the ¨new user¨ option on top of the page, there you will be asked to fill out an application form, that will be subsequently reviewed by a guild officer and and aproved if everything is in order.

Please read your application form carefully, don't lose your password and use a recognisable user name based on your game character.

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Now as you can see, you will need to be a member to get full accest to the site and all its features when you have done that you will be able to see several more tabs in the site where you will be free to chek and put them on use. Here is a explanatory list of the website's content to guide you through them.

Home: Here you can find a type of glosary with information of the website and its content.

About Us: There you can find extended information about the guild's goals and activities as well as infomation of our members and guild castle so you can get to know us better.

Rules: It is important for you to read this one in special, we ask you to be aware of our rules, you have agreed already on the rules as a memeber but it is important for you to read rules of the website and during a run, and we expect you to put them in use.

Ranks: Here you can find more information about guild ranks, and will allow you to understand the guild's hierarchy bette.

News: Is a way for us to keep you up to date with the guild's events or to informe you with anything that needs to be said, we advice you to chek it as often as posible to keep yourself up to date.

Forum: Is the place for the guild to talk, there is the place for the whole guild to talk including you no matter what rank, just post any question or concern and we will get to it, or help by giving opinion in other's topics.

Raid Calendar: Very Important, we ask you to keep yoursef up to date with the guild's future runs or farming by checking this tab as often as posible.

Library: Here you can find many information about game aspects and guides, whenever you don't understand something the Library tab would be a good place to start.

Gallery: A fun place where everyone is allowed to share pictures of the game, we only ask you to do not post real life pictues.

Roster: We recomend you to start here, by adding character/toon information under your name, for us to know you better. In this place you can find every member of this site aswell as guild achivements.

Resources: Here you can find a fun feature of the website, here you can find people that have crafting skills in the game and are offering their service to the memebers, this will allow you to place and order for them to be reviewed.

Bank: Here you can find information about the guild's bank status, as well as the guild's resources.

Mail: And finally we have mail, this is a private place where you can view your messages or send a new one.

As a guild we aim to be united with everyone's cooperation and so we can grow strong, all we need for this is cooperation partisipation and discipline, we will always help and protect you and be there for you, all we ask for is you to grow strong at our side.


We hoppe this website will be helpfull and of good use to you and we hope you will enjoy it.

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